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  • You can get a discount on telephone, gas and electric if you are disabled, have low income or meet other various guidelines.
  • Even if you get refused on a housing application, if you appeal, chances are you will get approved the second time around.
  • A person with a disability can request an extension to the housing search time beyond the 120 days as a reasonable accommodation, especially in those markets where it is hard to locate affordable rentals that meet Section 8 guidelines.
  • If you are disabled receiving SSI and a parent passes away, you may be entitled to receive higher benefits under their Social Security Number.
  • When receiving direct deposit for Social Security, you may be entitled to a free checking account and free cashier checks.
  • If you do not report working income or household changes to Social Security, IT WILL eventually catch up with you and cause a possible overpayment which you are responsible to pay back.
  • Many pharmaceutical (drug) companies offer free medication to individuals who cannot afford to buy all their medications. Call SHINE at 1-800-243-4636.
  • If you earn a minimal amount of work income and are disabled, you can qualify for EIC (Earned Income Credit). This will enable you to get more money back. SSI and SSDI do not count as income on taxes.
  • If you earn under $190.00 per week, you are considered judgment proof in a court of law and can request bill collectors stop contacting you based on this information.
  • Call The Arc listed in your area for questions regarding assistance and help for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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